Cambridge has in many instances served as a model for cities throughout the United States. I am proud of the financial excellence of our city. We can do the things we want to because of our resources. Despite our city’s many strengths, great challenges and inequalities remain. Residents in some of our 13 neighborhoods are being left behind. We deserve a working City Council that will always put its best efforts forward, moving beyond conversations to help realize our collective aspirations. This is my vision for our city and I look forward to hearing yours.

Together, we can build an inclusive Cambridge!


Inclusive Housing

Housing is a universal human right. Despite our city’s relative prosperity, 13% of all Cambridge families with children live in poverty. One third of households headed by single mothers live in poverty. Our housing market increasingly forces many out of Cambridge. For families, it upsets the education and upbringing of their children. In 2015, only 4% of the available rental housing with two or more bedrooms was affordable to a family making $75,000 per year.

As your next City Councillor, I will work on:

Housing for All

Cambridge's recently-passed inclusionary housing requirement of 20% for all new housing developments of 10-or-more units must be enforced. I support the construction of more higher-density and transit-oriented housing and will work with the city's partners to develop more housing on city-owned and vacant land. Areas of specific focus for me include Alewife as well as Central, Kendall, and Porter Squares. I will fight to preserve and expand housing opportunities for residents of all incomes, especially low and middle-income/workforce. In addition to creating more rental units, we must create more homeownership units, building pathways to wealth and equity for Cambridge residents.

Expanding the "Housing First" Approach

I support greater investments in Cambridge's "Housing First" program so that we can provide more housing for our most vulnerable residents, including the homeless, disabled, seniors, and veterans. Permanent supportive housing is celebrated as a national best practice and I will work with local and regional partners to ensure that our city's Department of Human Service Programs remains a model for excellence.

Inclusive Economy

Our city is known for being an intellectual hub and home to Kendall Square, the most innovative square mile in the world. Despite our technological, educational, and commercial successes, income inequality remains one of our main challenges. The successes of our universities and industries must impact the average citizen.

As your next City Councillor, I will work on:

Bridging the Digital Divide

30% of Cambridge Housing Authority residents do not have access to the Internet. For too long, our city has not been serious about expanding high-speed municipal broadband, especially to underserved neighborhoods. I will work to leverage public-private partnerships to expand broadband networks throughout our city.

Computer Science for All

I will work to create an integrated Computer Science for All program, ensuring that today’s children are prepared for tomorrow’s economy. Every child in Cambridge deserves to be equipped with 21st Century Skills—the tools to make it in our innovation economy. Our economic competitiveness is partly based on workforce development, and our residents should benefit more from the private sector growth in our city.

Small Business Resource Center

Small businesses remain the backbone of our nation’s economy. I will work to create the Small Business Resource Center, a one-stop shop, to ensure that Cambridge is a city where small businesses can start, thrive, and sustain. Whether it’s the next technology startup or the third-generation neighborhood mom-and-pop shop, all entrepreneurs need information, capacity, funding, and open access to city services.

Inclusive Politics

Our politics must be inclusive. Those at the decision-making table should share our aspirations and vision for a Cambridge that leaves no one behind. I am committed to constituent services and serving as a strategic thinking partner to the City Manager.

As your next City Councillor, I will work on:

Protecting and Expanding Immigrant Rights

Roughly one third of Cambridge residents like me were not born in the United States. Given the current national unrest, state and local governments must do more to protect the rights of all immigrants. I am committed to maintaining Cambridge's status as a Sanctuary City against all threats and supporting the community-led initiative to expand voting rights to non-citizen residents in local elections.

Improving Government Accessibility

I will make the part-time role of City Councillor my full-time job. The challenges of our city require committed leadership and constant attention to detail. I will explore ways to increase government transparency, accessibility, and accountability through greater investments in open data and new methods of communicating with all residents.

Fostering Civic Engagement

Residents should have more opportunities to determine how they are governed. I am a coalition builder and will foster stronger partnerships with our city's nonprofits, businesses, universities, and other key stakeholders. I will explore ways to replicate innovative approaches to public engagement such as Participatory Budgeting in other areas of city government. I will push the City Council to convene meetings outside of City Hall in our neighborhood youth centers and other community spaces. I will also revive the initiative to expand voting rights to 17-year-olds in local elections to increase voter engagement among our next generation.